Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics
1. Adopting the rules of confidentiality and objectivity in the arbitration process, for the researcher and readers (arbiters) alike.
2. Al-Muthanna Journal of Physical Education Sciences accredits reliable, experienced and experienced arbitrators with expertise in their specialization.
3. Al-Muthanna Journal of Physical Education Sciences depends on the work of the editorial board and its job ranks on the ministerial regulations in force from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq
4. Editors and readers, with the exception of those directly responsible for the editorial process (the editor-in-chief or managing editor), may not discuss the paper with anyone else, including the researcher. Any distinct information or opinion obtained through reading should be kept confidential, and neither of them may be used for personal benefit.
5. The magazine management communicates with the researcher and provides him with technical and methodological support to complete the research in the full picture
6. The journal is obligated to inform the researcher of the approval to publish the research without modification or according to certain modifications, based on what is contained in the referees’ reports, or to apologize for not publishing, with an explanation of the reasons for the apology according to the nature of the refusal.
7. Al-Muthanna Journal of Physical Education Sciences is committed to the quality of auditing, editorial, print and electronic services.
8. Respect for the rule of non-discrimination: arbitrators and reviewers evaluate the research material according to its intellectual content, taking into account the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religious belief, the writer’s political philosophy, or any other form of discrimination, except for adherence to the rules, methods and language of scientific thinking Presenting, presenting, discussing or analyzing ideas, trends and topics.
9. Respect the rule of non-conflict of interest between the editors and the researcher, whether as a result of a competitive, cooperative or other relationship or links with any author, companies, or institutions related to the research.
10. Al-Muthanna Journal of Physical Education Sciences is committed not to allow any of its members or editors to use the unpublished materials included in the research referred to the journal in their own research.
11. Respecting intellectual property rights, especially translated foreign research.
12. The practice of duplicate submission/publishing is unethical as it exaggerates results, wastes time, resident experts, and readers, and also violates the integrity of science. In the case of multiple submission/publishing, we will contact the author(s), stating that the submitted work has already been submitted/published elsewhere, and we will request clarification. If the author provides an adequate and reasonable explanation, we reject the research presented without penalties. If the author does not respond, the explanation is unsatisfactory, or the author pleads guilty, we will reject the submitted research and impose penalties, including sending a warning letter, blacklisting the researcher(s), writing to the journal that published the paper and informing the lead researcher of this behavior bad.