Guidelines Reviewers

• (Contribution to Editorial Decisions):

The arbitrator contributes to assisting the editorial board in issuing the final ruling to accept the publication of the research through its objective recommendations, as well as assisting researchers in correcting his research, and for its part, the editorial board is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the arbitration and not disclosing The name of the arbitrator, unless approved by the arbitrator himself.
• Promptness and Punctuality:

The arbitrator is committed to the accuracy of the research arbitration dates, which amount to (3) weeks from the date of receiving the research, and according to the research arbitration instructions for the journal, and the nominated arbitrator must inform the editorial board in the event of his apology for arbitration because of the dimension of specialization or lack of Availability of sufficient time during the first week, and vice versa, the arbitrator will be changed by the editorial board.
• Confidentiality:

The arbitrator is committed to the confidentiality of the arbitration process and not to disclose research and discuss it with a third party other than the editorial board.
• Objectivity:

The arbitrator shall abide by the objective criteria of the arbitration process by relying on scientific facts and the research arbitration instructions for the journal, and not to rely on personal opinions that are not scientifically proven, regardless of gender, race, origin, doctrine, nationality and affiliation of the researcher. The arbitrator also has the right to ask the researcher for additional details or information about any part of the research.
• Identifying the sources :

The arbitrator is obliged to try to identify fictitious sources or rely on unreliable sources (some books and websites that are not solid), or that paragraphs of the research are extracted from texts from similar works and inform the editorial board of this, as well as his observation of the matching The sources in the body of the research with the sources in the reference list.
• Conflicts of Interest:

The arbitrator is obligated to disclose to the editorial board any conflict of interest that makes him biased in the arbitration of research, or that the arbitration of research will be in the interest of specific persons or institutions, or a personal relationship, or any other interest.